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Why all the Irish names, you ask? And what does Neachai mean? Well first of all "Eeachai" in Irish means "Equine", and its preceding "N" stands for my lovely mare Noty who is the reason for the birth of this company. I decided to stay on a theme and continued using corresponding Irish names for additional products in recognition of my own Irish heritage. 

All great stories have a beginning and Neachai is no exception; it truly does begin with the aforementioned "N"! Noty is a grey Hanoverian mare with a multitude of respiratory issues and suffers from severe allergies. Her affliction is classified as Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD). My vet treated her tirelessly with the usual suspects; Dexamethazone, Clenbuterol and the list goes on. Occasionally, she became an angry girl who under-performed as she just couldn't breathe. At certain times of the year she was fantastic, and just as she was becoming conditioned and progressing, I had to back off to accommodate her troubles. Ironically, my daughter Marlee's Welsh Cob had a similar condition, although he would not expel any mucous. He would cough and have difficulty breathing when the allergens were in full bloom. (Also, just to be clear, I had 10 horses at the time and it was not a condition of the facility).  My amazing vet, who I still employ today, revealed a troubling prognosis..."Currently available treatment options will one day no longer work."

Thus began my search for alternative treatments. I just was not prepared to accept that future for my mare. Many hours, days, months and years passed and alas, Neachai was born (this seems much more simple than it actually was, I can assure you)! Reading and testing, ensuring the right doses, researching the various forms of alternative therapies and, most importantly, ENSURING THAT NONE OF THE HERBS USED CONTRAINDICATED WITH CONVENTIONAL MEDICINES, I was able to develop solutions to many of the problems that plagued my equine family. Although I can treat my horses for colic or other emergency type issues, I certainly wanted to ensure that I was able to have conventional assistance if necessary.

Within 10 days of determining the right solution for Noty, the mucous, coughing and breathing issues were gone! Absolutely not a peep!. I continued to develop treatment protocols  based on the fundamental practice of Ayurveda.


This adventure broadened to the desire and necessity of an adjunct education in Ayurveda. I can't express enough the value of the comprehensive treatment protocols in Ayurveda!  


Neachai has now grown from my kitchen to a large work shop in Niagara. With an excellent team beside me, I am  thrilled to be able to offer Neachai products and the practice of Ayurveda for horses Internationally.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have on my current products.




Theresa Gilligan

Theresa has been riding and training horses for over 25 years. She has a special affinity for thoroughbreds and their rehabilitation.  Theresa is  certified in Ayurvedic medicine and currently enrolled in the Ayurveda doctorate program. She is also a certified Animal Neuro Myofascial Practitioner and practices Cranial Osteopathy.Theresa travels throughout North America advocating for and treating horses, humans and dogs through the practice of Ayurveda

Michelle Horne-Pozniak

Michelle is a German FEI certified coach with over 30 years riding, training and competing. She has shown successfully in the Grand Prix jumper ring both here and Europe as well as shown Grand Prix Dressage under the tutelage of an Olympic and International rider. She has also shown up to Prelim eventing! Michelle is an amazing asset to Neachai and our clients of ALL levels and disciplines.


She can be reached at

Deanna O'Brien


Katie Cameron

Katie is a passionate horsewoman with decades of experience in the english riding dicispline. She has always aspired to be an eventer, however , until she reaches that goal she enjoys rehab work with our resident OTTB mare Gracie. 

Katie's position at Neachai is multi-faceted and we are grateful to have her as the top-dog in management. As a certified Vet tech and having worked for many specialists, Katie brings an excellent skill set to the team. She is an inventory wizard and keeps us all focused.

Deanna is a hunter/jumper rider and has spent the last 20 years riding and showing the circuits. Her mare pictured here Bianca , sustained several career ending injuries (collectively) and that is when she was first introduced to Neachai. After achieving desired results for both Bianca and her pony suffering from COPD, Deanna became an advocate for Ayurvedic treatment and therefore a natural fit as a sales rep! She has since purchased an up and coming weanling and is active in the CSHA. Or 647-504-9963

Nicole Tur

Nicole has been riding over 35 years and is a fixture on the American Eventing circuit. She coaches and hosts clinics out of her farm Bright Angel Ranch in Campbellsport, Wisconsin. Nicole has spent decades working and training with some of our industries greats like Lainey Ashker, Stephan Bradley, Heidi White, Bobby Costello, Allison Springer, and Boyd Martin.  

Nicole can be contacted at

Laurie Langley

Laurie has grown up riding and training horses since she was kid. Born into a racing family, Laurie's equine knowledge spans decades and covers a multitude of experience in performance management, nutrition and rehabilitation. She has spent years as a racing official and still actively enjoys breeding and training her racehorses. Laurie is a huge asset to the day to day shop management.

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