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NEachai Ayurveda 

The Rider Collection 


Why Neachai?

- We use all organic, wild crafted and fair trade products sustaining our ethical commitment.

- We support whole herb consumption as isolating an individual property within the herb makes it unstable and ineffective.

- All products are free of chemical preservatives and only whole pure ingredients are used.

 - All treatments have been tested to ensure efficacy and to ensure compatibility with conventional medicines.

 - Treatments are packaged in daily doses to ensure accurate dosing consumed daily

- Herbal treatments can be custom ordered and are conducive to racetracks , Equine Canada, FEI and USEF drug testing rules.All herbs are processed in GMP facility with strict quality assurance measures in place to restrict possible contamination and any metal content from country of origin.

 - Each product is made individually to ensure intended doses are consistent throughout.

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