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Q: How long do results take? Is a 30 day treatment enough?

A: The short answer is immediately! However, please keep in mind you may not always see the results externally right away. Ayurvedic Medicine is designed to heal from the inside out not mask, band-aid or suppress the disease or inflammation.

For instance when using our RESP-EEZE product, it almost always get worse before it gets better. If you are looking for a “quick-fix” treatment for a respiratory disorder then we should not be your first call. However, if you are looking to heal the damage done to respiratory tract, remove the fluid from around the lungs and clear thick heavy mucous from airways long-term then RESP-EEZE is for you!

All our blends are formulated specifically for your horse and the source of the disease/ailment. You might be calling us to treat your horse’s hives, but that is not the source it’s a symptom J

When treating behavioral/emotional imbalances, results can be seen within hours continually improving over several weeks. I can’t stress enough the importance of continued treatment, our Ayurvedic protocols are not designed as 30 day quick fixes. The blends are designed to target the neurotransmitters in the brain and gut and‘re-pattern’ the signals to assist in coping and processing anxieties safely and productively. If your horse is dealing with an imbalance caused by previous trauma, strong emotional dependence or estrous cycle related behavioral issues, 30 DAYS is NOT sufficient for results.

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